World Safari – Junior


World Safari – Junior: The Play Board has a pictorial World map showing physical features, important landmarks and path to move and three types of cards.

Spin the Spinner, pick the card from the corresponding Cards pile, if it is a “Find” card look for that feature on the map, if it is a “Tell ” card look carefully at that feature/ map given on the card and answer correctly and if the spinner has landed on ” ? “Space, answer the question given on that card. If you have answered correctly move forward and take another turn. First player to reach the Finish square wins the game.

To reinforce the knowledge and practice map skills fill and colour the blank maps with the help of maps given on the opposite page of every map.

The game includes A Play Board, 60 Question-Answer cards – two questions on each card, 60 Tell (visual) cards, 60 Find cards, Activity Atlas, Timer, Play Pieces and Play Rules

World Safari – Junior
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