Gaucho Superpower (24V)


  • Quick and powerful, up to 10 km/h – Beautiful, powerful, easy to handle and super-strong! Gaucho Superpower has everything you could ask for in a two-seater off-road vehicle! The electric four-wheel drive for imaginative children who love extreme adventures, from the age of 6. Overcomes climbs of up to 17% and travels over the most rugged terrain, riding over potholes, ditches and tree roots. Steering rack for precise, safe steering, unique to Gaucho. Big, comfortable passenger compartment grows with your child. Runs on a 24V/12Ah/300Wh rechargeable battery that drives two powerful 340W engines.
  • FM radio with MP3 jack – The dash is equipped with a removable and portable FM radio. Audio jack for MP3 player (not included) and date/time display.
  • Fully-equipped control panel, and more besides – The horn really does beep and the dashboard with glove compartments takes the game up a notch.Toy key to simulate ignition.
  • Silent wheels with rubber tread – Four big, wide wheels, roll bar and robust bumper. Great height above ground and rubber-coated wheels with extreme traction for all kinds of terrain, to overcome all obstacles.
  • Suspension – On rear wheels for enjoying a comfortable ride even on mountain paths. Maximum speed of 10 km/h, great fun for older children. Can carry a passenger, who can grip onto the handle on the dash when the going gets “rough”.
  • Adjustable seats and safety belts – The two seats are independent and adjustable in two positions. The lining offers extra comfort, and the two adjustable seat belts protect against sudden jolts. Maximum transportable weight: 60 kg.
  • Tool kit – Fastened on the hood, it contains everything your child needs for a great adventure without any nasty surprises! The tool kit includes toy tools: a hammer, a ratchet, a wrench and a dual screwdriver (flat blade or Phillips).
  • Two forward gears and reverse gear – The gear stick offers two forward speeds (5 or 10 km/h) and reverse drive. The higher speed can be blocked until your child has grown accustomed to driving.
  • Accelerator and brake in a single pedal – To operate the vehicle, simply press the accelerator pedal. Releasing the pedal will automatically bring the vehicle to a gentle stop.
  • Hood opens to reveal pretend engine – Containing engine reproduction, rod for holding up hood and a big battery compartment.
  • Battery and charger – The vehicle operates with a 24V/12Ah/300Wh battery. The battery can be recharged using a common household socket, either in or out of the vehicle. The vehicle comes equipped with the battery and battery charger. For optimal performance, make sure you charge the battery for at least 18 hours and for no more than 24 hours before first-time use.
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Gaucho Superpower (24V)
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