Formula E World Championship Race Set – Scalextric Spark Plug


This is Scalextric, but not as you know it!

The Scalextric Spark Plug Formula E set can have up to 12 players – 2 drivers and a team of 5 additional pit crew. The pit crew can deploy power ups and are assigned an in-app pit crew position, including chief mechanic and lollipop. These players must effectively complete mini games as a team to successfully complete the pit crew challenge!

Future of Racing

Fight for the championship as either the mighty Jaguar or DS Techeetah

Multiplayer Action

Up to 12 people can play all at once and impact the outcome of the race


Impact the outcome of the race, with 2 driver and 10 pitstop roles to choose

Wireless Multiplayer

  • Control with your smart device. Bluetooth compatible.
  • Up to 12 people can play at once.
  • Choose to be the driver or part of the pit crew.
  • Pit crew can deploy powerups and undertake the pitstop.

Pitstop & Power-ups

  • Who will you select from, a chief mechanic or the lollipop person? 5 roles to choose.
  • Activate your power-ups at the right time and help your team to win the race!
  • Deploy a Restrict to slow down your opponent
  • Choose from Fanboost, Attack Mode or Restrict.
  • Work as a team to complete the in-app mini-games as quickly as possible.
Formula E World Championship Race Set – Scalextric Spark Plug
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