Brain Boosters 3


Brain Boosters 3 is a game of simple questions in picture form to stimulate young minds. It helps children to develop essential early learning skills so that they can understand various curriculum related concepts in most enjoyable way.

The set consists of 12 Wipe-Clean laminated cards printed both sides having 22 ‘Question Sheets’ with different activities and 2 ‘Answer sheets’. The child is required to complete different activities covering various topics such as ‘Same, Different, Opposites and Rhyming Words’, Things that go Together, Odd one Out, Patterns, Beginning Sounds, Happy, Sad, Hot, Cold, Senses, Seasons etc. using the ‘Special Pencil’ provided with the game,. They may check their own work from given answer sheets and wipe-clean to try again if they have missed something.

The activities help children in individual learning, communication, and develop their understanding about language, numeracy, general science and other school subjects.

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Brain Boosters 3
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