Alphabet Dominoes


Alphabet Dominoes 2 in 1 comprises 60 (54 domino pieces and 6 blank pieces) large and sturdy pieces along with play rules. The game can be played in two different ways.

Set 1 contains 27 Domino Cards and aims at reinforcing phonemic skills in children. Each domino card is divided into two halves, making two squares. One of the squares has a picture and the other has a letter of the Alphabet. Players look at the picture side of a dominoes, name it, say its beginning letter sounds, find another dominoes with corresponding letter and join them together.

Set 2 has been designed to strengthen recognition of both forms of letters of alphabet; capital (uppercase) and small (lowercase) and to sequence the letters in alphabetical order. Players look at the lowercase side of a dominoes, name it and match it with the corresponding uppercase letter on another dominoes in the alphabetical order.

Alphabet Dominoes
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